Innovative Plastics Partners with Designs For Hope

Innovative Plastics Partners with Designs For Hope

Posted on September 12, 2017Innovative Plastics Team

ChanceDesigns For Hopes are everyone reading this has had access to electricity whenever they have needed it. There is an assumption that the lights will come on and machines will run when the switch is flipped. This is not the case for many people in developing countries. Many of these countries are caught in what is known as “energy poverty” according to the Energy Poverty Action initiative of the World Economic Forum. They believe that access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic development.

Designs For Hope has taken notice and is trying to make a difference. They are a non-profit that helps to provide sustainable energy, clean water, and other innovations to help those in developing countries. We are proud to have partnered with them in order to empower those in need.

In many developing countries, most homes don’t have electricity and the major mode of transportation is the bicycle. In 2013, Designs For Hope distributed small generators and batteries to missionaries in these countries. As part of that initiative, we produced a battery tray design that attached to the bicycles. These batteries provided light and way for families to charge cell phones.

In 2015, we were approached to partner with Designs For Hope to manufacture a solar powered system that would be distributed to missionaries. Our design engineers completed the preliminary design, printed prototypes to ensure fit, form, and function before building the hard tooling.  Special consideration was given to material used in production because these units were designed to function in harsh environments. Thanks to these solar powered units, children in Kenya are able to study at night without the use of harmful kerosene lamps.

With all of the modern conveniences we have, it’s hard to imagine there are still parts of the world that live without electricity. Most of us couldn’t imagine total darkness when the sun goes down. That is the main reason we felt led to get involved with Design For Hope according to Innovative general manager Hosea Bartlett. “I felt that God opened the door for Innovative to work with DFH to improve the lives of underprivileged people around the world and to give missionaries the opportunity to connect with these people and spread the gospel. This wasn’t a huge profit opportunity for us, but it was an opportunity to get involved with a great organization and help people in need” explained Bartlett.

To learn more about Design For Hope and to get involved yourself, visit their website.