How Our Tooling Can Produce Perfect Parts

How Our Tooling Can Produce Perfect Parts

Posted on December 11, 2017Innovative Plastics Team

When molding a part, it is crucial that the part is produced with exact precision. In order to produce perfect parts, tooling accuracy is critical. It is important you chose a mold maker that can produce quality injection molds that will work perfectly and last for years. The most important thing to consider with all types of molding is the quality of the mold. There is no substitute for an excellent mold. Innovative Plastics has the capability to achieve this and produce a perfect mold for your next project.

How our Tooling Department can Produce Perfect Parts for your Mold

  1. Experienced Team of Engineers: Our engineers have more than 40 yearPerfect Partss combined experienced in part and injection mold design. They are expertly trained and knowledgeable to ensure successful projects.
  2. Current Industry Software: We use the latest CAD/CAM software to design and build a quality mold for your product.
  3. In-House Tool Shop: Due to having an in-house tool shop, we are able to offer a quicker turnaround on your product. This saves you money because we know that time is money.
  4. Quality Partnerships: We partner with tool shops to produce high-quality molds at a lower price. These partner shops produce molds that meet our high standards.
  5. Tool Maintenance: Our tools undergo routine maintenance in our facility, whether produced in-house or off-shore. This keeps the tools working in top condition, regardless of the age of the tool.

You can count on your molds looking good and working perfectly when they leave our tooling shop. Should you chose to run your mold in our injection molding operation or take the mold we produce for use elsewhere, you can be sure your mold will meet all specifications for your product. Contact us today; we can help you make the right decisions to make your product stand out from the rest.